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Nissan Stagea For Sale

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Nissan Stagea M35 2.5 Turbo AWD Autech Kenstyle (£3,999)


2002 Nissan Stagea (£3,999)

Ad posted by a Registered Trader.

I am going to miss this car!

Comfort: yes!
Space: yes!
Power: God Yes!

I cannot moan about this car apart from one thing.... i had a 3inch straight through stainless steel exhaust put on it and now i'm too old to put up with the noise! The lads (and some girls) at my office thinks it sounds excellent and when you press the go pedal you see people spin to see what it is... but i cannot put up with it every day - plus i now have a hybrid to save fuel.

Did the full frontal inter-cooler upgrade (its huge) so the air gets in (k&n style air filter) boost controller to allow you to fiddle a little ;0) & of course the full length exhaust (£600 from MIJ)

Have done the drop links on the front as they had started to clunk a little, the suspension itself has passed the watchful eye of my mechanic.

Had the whole car cleaned then undercoated to insure no rust would start.

Stereo upgraded completely - got to admit its the best sounding stereo in a car i have ever done without a sub woofer / amp / full kit... This is head unit and Rainbow Components - all the doors and some of the boot have been coated with sound absorption stuff as well.

Multispoke alloys... Love um!

Seriously wish i had the space and the money to keep this one!

There are a few paint blemishes on the front bumper and rear drivers corner - sadly the car got knocked on the boat coming over and i hadn't had the time to fully fix it properly, it really need the bumper and corner sanding back and respraying properly.

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