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Dekotora: A Japanese Oddity

Last Updated on 3rd April 2013 by JC Staff

Dekotora: A Japanese Oddity Image
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This past weekend our friends over at SpeedHunters enlightened us to the world of Dekotora, or "decorated trucks"; a practice in which utility vehicles and large trucks are extravagantly modified with Japanese pop culture references, interior and exterior bolt-on modifications and a whole host of craziness.

And when we say extravagantly modified, we really mean it.

The workmanship on these trucks really is quite astounding, and the folks over at Art Planning Yuuma - the focus of the SpeedHunters article - certainly know their stuff.

It's really quite hard to try to explain the many questions you'll have when exploring the world of Dekotora, but take it for what it is: absolute madness, but damn good fun. I guarantee you'll never see anything quite like this!

Check out the original article and images at SpeedHunters.

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