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As you’ve probably noticed, we display external advertising via banners and text links on some of our pages. At JapClassifieds, our ultimate priority is to ensure that your browsing experience is a good one, and we don't want our use of ads compromising this.

When companies place ads on JapClassifieds we generate additional revenue which allows us to maintain our website and offer you the best-value listing prices (i.e. free), something we are dedicated to doing in every way we can.

To ensure your experience on JapClassifieds is a great one, we carefully select all advertisers. Each must meet our high standards of quality, both in terms of the brand or product offered, as well as the creative artwork itself. Additionally, we always try and show you ads that are relevant to you and your Internet browsing history.

As a membership perk, by signing up as a full member to the website you will never see external banner adverts for the duration of your membership, providing you are logged in each visit.

Should you feel that any adverts do not meet your expectations, please let us know and we will strive to remedy any issues.

Commercial Advertising Opportunities

We offer many opportunities for commercial advertising throughout the website with the use of banner adverts and link exchanges.

All our advertising placements are charged on a monthly basis, with no contracts, no rotation, and we'll never limit the number of clicks or views an advert can receive. However, advert metrics are not provided by us, it's your responsibility to track the success of your own adverts via methods such as UTM codes.

Please note that full members of the website (those who pay the £9.99 fee) do not see banner adverts as a perk of their membership. However, the number of visitors, guests and regular users FAR outweigh those with membership accounts, so many ad impressions are guaranteed.

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