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Japanese Car Auctions

Live Japanese Car Auctions

In an effort to broaden further the variety of places you can purchase Japanese Cars, JapClassifieds is now launching a series of pages dedicated to Japanese car auctions.

Whether the excitement of a bidding war often proves fruitful, or the thrill of importing a Japanese car is your kind of thing, you'll find every Japanese car you can imagine on our auction pages.

JDM Car Auctions

Even more exciting, we're now using data gathered from Yahoo! Auctions Japan to bring you a live selection of the most recent JDM cars for sale from the Far East!

Ripe for import, the huge number of pure JDM cars for sale here is definitely something to get excited about. Yahoo! Auctions Japan is the #1 place to find hidden treasures ready to be brought to our shores. Check them out here:

JDM Daihatsu Auctions | JDM Honda Auctions | JDM Isuzu Auctions | JDM Lexus Auctions | JDM Mazda Auctions | JDM Mitsubishi Auctions | JDM Nissan Auctions | JDM Subaru Auctions | JDM Suzuki Auctions | JDM Toyota Auctions

Do be aware that buying a car from Japan can be tricky, but is often worth the added effort. We always advise seeking assistance from a professional import company to ensure the transaction flows seamlessly. Read more on our how to import Japanese cars page.

JDM Auction Staff Picks

Now there's certainly a lot of cars to pick from! Let's narrow it down a little more. We've created dedicated pages for a selection of the most popular JDM models.

JDM Datsun

Datsun Z Car

JDM Honda

Honda Integra
Honda NSX
Honda S2000

JDM Mazda

Mazda MX-5
Mazda RX-7

JDM Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi GTO
Mitsubishi Evo

JDM Nissan

Nissan 350Z
Nissan 370Z
Nissan GT-R
Nissan Pulsar
Nissan Silvia
Nissan Skyline

JDM Subaru

Subaru Impreza

JDM Toyota

Toyota Celica
Toyota Corolla Levin
Toyota MR2
Toyota Sprinter Trueno
Toyota Supra

UK Car Auctions

Using data gathered from eBay UK, we're now able to bring you a selection of the most recent Japanese car auctions available for sale on this popular auction website.

We've got a dedicated page for each Japanese car auction manufacturer - check them out below:

Acura Auctions | Daihatsu Auctions | Datsun Auctions | Honda Auctions | Infiniti Auctions | Isuzu Auctions | Lexus Auctions | Mazda Auctions | Mitsubishi Auctions | Nissan Auctions | Scion Auctions | Subaru Auctions | Suzuki Auctions | Toyota Auctions

If you're not familiar with eBay, nowadays it's not all about auctions. There are many classified ads listed for Japanese Cars for sale on there too. Both private sellers and dealers extensively use eBay to sell their cars, and you'll find ads for both. We'll feature both auctions and 'buy it now' classified ads too - you're sure to find something you like.

Every Japanese car auction we display links directly to the relevant listing where you can buy or bid at will. There may be some erroneous results shown from time to time due to mistakes in the listings. But on the whole it's a 100% live and accurate list.

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