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Paul Walker Tribute Day Photos & Writeup at Santa Pod Raceway

Last Updated on 8th April 2014 by JC Staff

Paul Walker Tribute Day Photos & Writeup at Santa Pod Raceway Image
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What a fantastic day. We've just returned from the Paul Walker memorial event held at Santa Pod Raceway, and it was certainly a day to remember.

We're fortunate enough to be based a mere 4 or so miles away from Santa Pod, so can be often found at many of the events held throughout the year.

We also get the smug satisfaction of not having to wake up in the middle of the night to start traveling, like many poor souls out there, including these early risers greeted by a multiple mile-long queue!


From 'Sophia Parker Styler' on Facebook

After arriving at the gate at about 10am, we were promptly parked up just behind the grandstand next to a Ford Mondeo and a Porsche 944 - a true testament to the variety of cars and lifestyles an event such as this attracts.

In Jay's Subaru Impreza

In Jay's Subaru Impreza

Unfortunately the scheduled 10am track open time was heavily delayed due to a morning's worth of rain, and the jet-powered track dryers were out in full force. We were lucky throughout the rest of the day that it didn't rain a drop though - quite a miracle for a Santa Pod event!

At 1pm a touching one-minute's silence took place in honour of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas, after which the racing officially began with the thunderous launch of two Lamborghini Aventador's down the 1/4 mile strip.


Finally, the patient racers whom had been queuing for track action for hours were unleashed. The sheer variety of vehicles racing made for thoroughly enjoyable spectating, with everything from multiple-hundred horsepower monsters up against the type of car your mother would drive.

Throughout the day we were also entertained by professional drift action with passenger rides from Drift Taxis, plus the amazing chaps at Mission Motorsport - a very humbling experience.


And now, some (rather crappy) pictures. We only managed to take a few throughout the day, but hopefully you can get some kind of idea of the event if you weren't lucky enough to attend.




















Signing the Memorial Wall

All-in-all, a fantastic turnout that did the UK automotive scene proud. All proceeds from the day will be donated to Reach Out WorldWide.

UPDATE: It's been revealed that the total amount raised from proceeds to this event is a staggering £28,274 - which has been confirmed to be the biggest single donation in memory of Paul Walker by Reach Out WordWide. Fantastic!

Thanks again to Santa Pod Raceway and Royston Modified Car Community for hosting and organising the entire event.


Make sure to take a look at the official event page on Facebook to see much more commentary and thousands more pictures!

RIP Paul Walker & Roger Rodas

Over to you, let us know what you think in the comments below! Or, as always, create your free account to join the JapClassifieds community and sell your car(s) for free.

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  1. Great article and the whole day was something really special.
    I’m not particularly into modified cars and came along with my partner to support his daughter Sharon who had organised most of the event. However, I had an absolutely awesome day and was really touched by the respect shown in memory of Paul Walker. I was also really surprised to see the sheer variety of people involved in attending just to enjoy the day and to share their cars with everyone else. There were car fans of all ages and it was absolutely brilliant to be able to wander around looking at so many fascinating machines. The minutes silence was observed totally in the stands where we were and signing the memorial wall was quite moving. I am sure everyone who attended will remember the day and be glad to be able to say “I was there”.

    • Thanks Joanne, it really was a great day. Brilliant to see people from all walks of life come together for a good cause.

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