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When you're buying your next used vehicle, you'll check the bodywork, the engine, and take it on a test drive. But what about the details you can't see just by looking? That's where an Official HPI Check can help.

At JapClassifieds we do all we can to filter out non-genuine adverts. However the only way to get a fully comprehensive report on a vehicle you're considering buying is to complete an official Check.

It's the most comprehensive history check available in the UK, using cutting edge technology to ensure all results are accurate and up-to-date. Imagine the relief of being alerted beforehand that the car you're about to buy is stolen, previously written off or has outstanding finance.

Only an official HPI Check ensures peace of mind that you're buying a genuine, used car. With over 78 years of industry expertise, and backed up by a £30,000 guarantee, why would you not choose HPI?

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