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When selling your car on JapClassifieds we offer two levels of advertising; Standard and Featured. A standard advert is a great way of selling your Japanese car for free, but to ensure your advert has an edge over other similar vehicles, why not upgrade to a Featured advert?

Our independent research has proven that Featured adverts consistently attract the most visitors with their extended listing time and prime location directly on our home page. Check out the benefits listed below and decide for yourself whether this is an investment you're willing to make.

A Featured upgrade costs just £3.99 per ad. Full Members enjoy the benefits of unlimited Featured ads for free every time they advertise a vehicle. Lifetime membership is just £9.99, find out more here.

Exclusive Benefits of your Featured advert

  • Prime Location - your advert displayed on our Home Page
  • Highlighted listing when shown in search results
  • Extended listing time of 30 Days
  • We'll share your ad on our Twitter and Facebook accounts
  • Only £3.99 per ad (or Free for Full Members)


Let's take a look at a couple of examples demonstrating the benefits of Featured Adverts.

The image shown below is an example of what a Featured Advert looks like when revealed within a list of vehicles:

As you can see, the Featured Advert immediately draws your attention. These lists are featured frequently throughout the website, on every Search Results page, Watch Lists and Category pages.

Not only will your advert stand out amongst lists of vehicles, but it will also feature prominently on the home page of our website, as demonstrated below:

A few notes...

As you read above, Featured adverts are exclusively shown on the Home page of our website, resulting in a massive influx of views. At any one time, up to 18 adverts can be featured on the Home page, in random rotations of three groups of six adverts.

The order in which the adverts are shown is entirely random for every visitor to the website, so if you can't see your advert at first glance, a quick refresh of the page should make it appear within the rotation.

We cannot guarantee that a Featured advert will increase the chances of selling your vehicle in all situations - but it's certainly proven to be a more effective option in a typical scenario.

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