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About Us

About JapClassifieds

Welcome to JapClassifieds, a website dedicated to offering the ultimate marketplace for buying and selling Japanese Cars here in the UK.

Brought to you by a team of car enthusiasts, JapClassifieds is unique in that we focus on one specific marquee - Japanese Cars. This allows us to pool our resources and knowledge into bringing you the UK's premier resource for exclusively buying and selling Japanese cars.

Your well-being as our customer is our utmost concern, and we hope that you acknowledge we're not a big corporate entity ignoring the little guy - like some online classifieds websites. The JapClassifieds team are just as passionate about Japanese cars as you, and it'll be our pleasure assisting you in buying and selling your Japanese cars for many years to come.


Beginning in mid-2012, our Director began an adventure in search of a new car (a Subaru Impreza to be precise). He wasn't planning on buying one any time soon, but was just curious to see how much they cost and what the market is like. Naturally, looking at Subaru's inevitably led to searching for the likes of other fast Japanese cars, such as Toyota Supra's, Nissan Skyline's and Mitsubishi Evo's

All the "big-guys" in online classifieds websites were used in this search - you know the ones - and this gave us an idea. Instead of searching such a massively broad range of cars, why not create a marketplace and community that focuses exclusively on just one marquee, type, or even country of cars. Thus, the idea behind JapClassifieds was conceived.

Months of ideas, planning and development in the latest online technologies later, we believe our investment has paid off. What you see before you is the UK's Ultimate Classifieds Website focusing solely on Japanese Cars. We really hope you appreciate our hard work and make the most of this terrific resource - and we hope it serves you well.

In 2014 JapClassifieds became part of the Buy Drive Sell Network, a portal created to provide a whole new way of buying and selling vehicles within the UK. This has allowed us to expand further than ever before, so expect big things in the future.

Thanks for visiting!
The JapClassifieds Team

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