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Toyota FT-1 Concept – Is this the Supra Reborn?

Last Updated on 14th January 2014 by JC Staff

Toyota FT-1 Concept - Is this the Supra Reborn? Image
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I'm normally not one to get too raved up when it comes to concept cars, because they're just that. Concepts. And more often than not the final production vehicle bears little resemblance to what was originally unveiled.

This time however, I really hope Toyota pull something special out of the bag when it comes to the production version of the stunning FT-1 concept revealed at the Detroit Auto Show.


And I'm not the only one. Automotive journalists are going crazy for the concept vehicle, I can't recall the last time such acclaim was so freely dished out.


Some are calling it the natural evolution to the mighty 90's hero, the Toyota Supra. The FT-1 is menacing and the road presence is incredible, much like it's predecessor. We can detect a hint of Viper, a little Sagaris and few touches inspired by F1 cars. And that's damn good.

…an aggressive, track-focused sports car concept with a presence that has been amplified for shock and awe.

With the release of Japanese models such as the Toyota GT-86 and Subaru BRZ, and now stunning concept vehicles like the FT-1,  could this be the return of the affordable Japanese sports cars of a bygone era?

We hope so, and we cannot wait to welcome it with open arms.

Over to you, let us know what you think in the comments below! Or, as always, create your free account to join the JapClassifieds community and sell your car(s) for free.

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